Annual General Meeting of Convict Women's Press Inc - 2nd August 2021

The Annual General Meeting of the Convict Women’s Press, Inc. will be held on Monday 2 August 2021 at 5.45 pm and is expected to last around 15 minutes. The venue is the South Hobart Community Centre at the back of the Darcy Street playground (most direct access is via the steps opposite 51 Darcy Street, South Hobart).


The nature of the business of the AGM will be to receive reports and to elect the officers and committee for the coming year. There is no special business.

Nominations are called for the committee, which consists of:
and up to 6 General Committee Members

Committee members are expected to be active in the association and to take on a responsibility or role. They should reasonably expect to be able to attend all meetings, which are held 5.30pm to 6.30pm on the first Monday of alternate months, or more often as required, at the South Hobart Community Centre.


A Committee Nomination Form is available for download here.


Thank you for your support and interest in the valuable resources and services we provide as a voluntary organisation.

Ros Escott
CWP Public Officer




Convict Lives at the Ross Female Factory

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Convict Lives at the Ross Female Factory is the second book in the Convict Lives series. It is the first book published by the Convict Women's Press.

From 1848 to 1854 the Ross Female Factory processed hundreds of women transported to Van Diemen's Land, providing "a complete institution for the exploitation of female convicts in the service of the great houses of the Midlands."  But, as the Female Convicts Research Group (Tasmania) remind us in this compelling book, many convict women who passed through the Ross Female Factory also found ways to challenge the convict system, to make their mark.

The book contains 29 stories from 21 contributors, all members of the Female Convicts Research Centre, and edited by Lucy Frost.

  1. The Female Factory at Ross by James Parker
  2. Not a Happy Place to Work: Staff at the Ross Female Factory by Colette McAlpine
  3. Where are the Children? Archaeology of the Nursery Ward by Eleanor Conlin Casella
  4. Women and Children at Ross Female Factory by Lois Newham
  5. Three Deaths: Catherine Toole by Jo Brodie
  6. Rochdale Refugee: Mary Britcliffe by Deborah Norris
  7. A Black Sheep in the Family: Mary Cullen by Joy Crane
  8. Irish Shipmates from the 'Tasmania' by Dianne Snowden and Joan Kavanagh
  9. An Unsuccessful Servant: Charlotte Scott by Alice Meredith Hodgson
  10. A Passionate Prisoner: Elizabeth Kenny by Trudy Cowley
  11. Mary Eagan Makes the Papers by James Parker
  12. 'Gone but not forgotten': Ellenor Onions by Alice Meredith Hodgson
  13. Short but not Sweet: Margaret Aitcheson by Trudy Cowley
  14. Lucilia Helps Herself: Lucilia de la Constantine by Colette McAlpine
  15. An Incorrigible Rebel: Mary Sherriff by Lucy Frost
  16. 'Drunk and Disorderly': Helen Leslie by Alison Alexander
  17. A Case of Sexual Assault: Margaret Knaggs & Agnes Kane by Kay Buttfield
  18. Silk, Silver and Elastic-sided Boots: Eliza Kirwan by Pene Marshall
  19. A Tangled Web: Margaret Butler by Dianne Snowden
  20. The Flynn Family Antics by Lyn Horton
  21. The Cotter Sisters: Hanna and Catherine by Leonie Fahey
  22. A Country Girl and her Associates: Catherine O'Neall by Lorraine Wootton
  23. From Belfast to Bendigo: Amelia McCabe by Rhiannon Crane
  24. Wanted–a Wife by Colette McAlpine and Lucy Frost
  25. Death in New Norfolk: Mary Donnolly by Ralph Crane
  26. A New Career in the Midlands: Julia Rigby by Colette McAlpine
  27. 'a most useful citizen': Bridget Lee by Dianne Snowden
  28. A Woman of Interest: Elizabeth Capel by Andrea Gerrard
  29. A Novelist Pictures his Convict Ancestor: Margaret O'Meara and Christopher Koch by Alison Alexander




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